Wednesday, June 26, 2019

The Life and Art of Alessandro Gray

The Life and Art of Alessandro Gray is my newly published novella. It's the story of Alessandro Gray. Alessandro is the son of a blacksmith from the western part of Virginia.

Our story begins with Sandro’s birth in the 1840s and follows him through military service in the Civil War, becoming a prisoner of war and surviving the ordeal to become a successful newspaper publisher in New York City. Along the way we experience the strong family bonds of Sandro’s birth family. Sandro holds on to his family values throughout his life. His own loving family is proof of that.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Autofocus Test Chart - Test Your Autofocus Camera

There are easy ways to test your camera’s autofocus system. You may want to test how quickly your camera acquires focus or how well it holds focus once acquired. When you check you camera’s focusing ability using these linked, printable targets, be sure to check both the center and the edges of the photos you produce. We’ll cover these questions, and more, in this video.

However, before you bother viewing my video or printing targets, consider the fact that your autofocus system probably requires a lot of light to work properly, and, if you change too often from one subject to another you may not be giving your autofocus system enough time to catch up.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

My New Books are on Amazon

A basic guide to photography intended for people who are just beginning to take their photography activities seriously.I want to speak with the folks who think they can’t take pictures and help them believe they could enjoy the creative process known as photography. Tell Your Story with Light: The Basic Guide to Great Photos and Video

And, The JournalistThe Journalist  Ben lives in a world where traditional news outlets struggle to survive. Newspapers and other news outlets are in the process of disappearing altogether as a result of rapid technological developments and massive shifts in social behavior. Ben’s an experienced reporter. He’s worked for the same New York City newspaper for almost ten years.