Thursday, May 23, 2019

My New Book is a Novel - The Journalist

Finally, after writing and rewriting endlessly, my new book is now available in paperback at here: THE JOURNALIST

The Kindle eBook is scheduled for mid-August.

Ben Duckworth faces many challenges. He frequently questions his career choice. “Why did I choose Journalism?” As newspapers disappear around the country, all news outlets struggle to survive. They’re in the process of disappearing altogether as a result of rapid technological developments and massive shifts in social behavior.

Ben’s worked as a reporter for over 10 years. He’s working for a New York City newspaper when he receives the bad news.  His coworker, Abbie, looks back at him with a pained expression and says “There’s no easy way to tell you this. You and I are laid off effective the end of this shift. Our work for the Daily Register has ended.”

Ben takes Journalism seriously. He’s earned an undergraduate degree and a year toward his masters. Problem is, he’s fighting an uphill battle in a field with rapidly shrinking opportunities for advancement. He feels that he’s made his sacrifices, having moved from a small town in Western Pennsylvania to New York City to pursue his dream.

Ben also encounters high adventure and undreamed-of romantic encounters. He travels to New York on an assignment and discovers his boss has lied to him about his reason for being there. He’s been tricked into a face-off with a powerful monster.

But he seldom ventures alone. A wide-ranging cast of supporting characters are there, some to offer their whole-hearted support and others to wait for their chance to block his path. A few are even determined to kill our hero.

This story moves through varied locale including New York City, Manhattan, Long Island, the Finger Lakes Region, Maryland, Virginia, Texas, the Karaganda Region of Kazakhstan, Washington DC and Miami. Our cast of characters is quite large. Our central cast includes protagonist, Ben Duckworth, and personalities such as Martha (Ben’s housekeeper and friend), Max (the cat), Abbie (Friend), Mike Nicholson (Ben’s Boss) and romantic interests Emily, Stefanie and Liz.

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