Thursday, May 30, 2019

My Blue Yeti USB Microphone

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is popular with YouTubers and Vloggers.  I like this microphone and plan to continue using it as my main recording device. However, there are some problems that should be considered.

The USB plug appears to be under engineered and some people on YouTube report that their Yeti USB broke after six months of use. In this video I share my quick and easy fix for that problem.
Until I moved my Yeti away from all vibration sources, such as my PC, there were issues with vibration and hum with the Yeti, I suspect many types of microphones have the same issues. As you will see in the video, only one fix for vibration hum worked for me. All the other suggested fixes that I found on YouTube were fails for me.

In general, USB microphones present some advantages when compared to other types of microphones.
1) They are often less expensive
2) They use the computer for power and don’t require a separate power supply
3) The preamp and analog-to-digital converter are internal
4) The Blue Yeti also has a headphone jack for monitoring your recording in real time
5) The Blue Yeti can be removed from its heavy metal stand and then mounted directly on a shock mount
6) The Blue Yeti is threaded with a standard mount for attaching to a stand or boom mount

If you’re exploring the types of microphones available, in addition to USB microphones there are Condenser Microphones, Dynamic Microphones, Drum Microphones, Ribbon Microphones and tube Microphones.

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