Sunday, May 12, 2019

A popular video featuring the Minolta SRT 201 SLR Film Camera

I’ve done four recent videos on the
SRT 201 SLR Film Camera including one that covers loading As I mention in the video, this camera hasn’t taken a picture for 20 years. There were many questions about how well it would function optically, electronically and mechanically. film and installing a battery.
Here's one of the pictures back from processing
If you’re trying to “renew” the SRT 201, the battery is another big issue. The original PX-13 mercury battery has not been available for a long time due to issues with mercury. For a while, batteries that claimed to replace the PX-13 produced the wrong voltage which made your exposure readings wonky.

Now, I exclusively use the “WeinCell MRB625 Replacement Battery for PX625/PX13” because it’s performance matches that of the PX-13 very well. I’ll post some stills of me unloading the film, sending it away and then reviewing the pics I took using this battery.

For this video I chose to feature Ilford black and white film. The processing was included in the price and everything worked perfectly. Later I’ll post the video with the unloading, the prepaid film processing and the resulting photos. Also, in that video we’ll load a roll of print film and install the battery. Then we’ll look through the viewfinder to see how the match needle exposure works. Here's the video . . .

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